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This covers both interfaces and what is consumed in them. A website or app, for example, is media. What you consume in them (texts, pictures, functionalities) is the content. It’s a conjunction of content and form we can produce separately or all together. 1a. ONLINE SPACES We build the appropriate digital space, from less to more, after careful consideration of the client’s needs, budget, and goals. We build, ad hoc, not prêt-à-porter.  
  • Websites: news portals, topical blogs, commercial, e-commerce.
  • Mobile apps: from mobile versions to full operational apps.
Social media. We are community managers and have handled more than +50 social media accounts in a variety of industries. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube Channels, etc. We take care of day-to-day, growth, engagement, virality, conversion, monetization. Also, mail and push campaigns. 1b. CONTENT Content is the main reason why people visit your spaces online. We handle news sections at corporate sites, do original stories, press releases, interviews… We give life to blogs and websites covering Health, Technology, Immigration Law, Consumer Products, Education, Consulting, etc.
  • News, commercial & advertising copy, reports and others (in 10 languages).
  • Image: photography, illustration, video, multimedia.
  • Video: digital clip, Youtube video, promotional or educational.
  • Multimedia: interactive.


We teach, help teaching and train people online. We have a growing experience not only in transmitting information but showing results and accompanying individuals or teams in a host of competencies. 2a. TUTORING You register on one of our tutoring routines or tell us about an area of your interest within our competencies.
  • Basic Journalism for research, publishing, and networking. 4 weeks.
  • A made-for-you Webmastering practice. 4 weeks.
  • Community Management with the networks you choose to work. 4 weeks.
  • Basic Photoshop® design and production. From 2 to 4 weeks.
  • The minimum necessary for excellent use of Microsoft® Office. From 2 to 6 weeks. 
Method: Tutor shows tutee a general learning plan. Tutee expresses his priorities and special interests. Tutor designs an ad hoc program. Both follow the program for 4 weeks. Includes an ad hoc guide; general principles; practices; personalized plan. Interfaces: Online Classroom, video-chat, document exchanger, news publishing tools. 2b. E-COURSES soon We are developing courses that can be entirely delivered online. With original material, videos and post online sessions, we will announce them soon. Go to, register and be notified when they are available.


We perform analytics on journalistic, marketing or commercial clients. Our reports are on-demand, ad hoc and strictly focused on our client’s requests.  3a. MEDIA AND JOURNALISM We are usually asked to evaluate plans for media ventures before they are developed. We do a throughout analysis before project development. Our experience helps these ventures to tame risk, create better services and gain profitability in a shorter term. For ongoing media, we consult on fact-checking, monetization, social media integration, audience engagement, and SEO.
  • Fact-checking of news, news trends or specific themes or topics
  • News media or campaign performance, comparations, trends, user reactions.
  • Research on specific requirements and needs, i.e., news outlets monetization.
3b. MARKETING We develop online marketing for engagement, leads, sales and any type of contact that translates into a positive impact. We provide either Branded Content, informative messages borderline with the journalistic narrative but oriented to promote a product, service or idea; or content for Marketing or Advertising Campaigns, we provide creative content for advertising and PR agencies.
    • Online marketing studies.
    • Monetization strategies.
    • Marketing, advertising, and branded content.

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