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We work well with private, independent companies and with top and middle-tier providers such as PR, advertising and research agencies. We also have constant work with journalist media.


Our most common service consists in producing original textual, graphic and video content for websites and apps at any frequency the client needs. We feed the “Post Culture”. Based on journalism.

We build/operate three types of online venues:

→  Topical Blogs. We give life to blogs in corporate websites covering a wide variety of subjects: Health, Technology, Immigration Law, Consumer Products, Education, Consulting… Depends on our client. We publish news, stories, interviews in any format that is suitable: of course great texts, but plenty of pictures, videos, animations or any type, produced or curated by us. Always original content in English, Spanish and, if you ask for, Portuguese and a handful of other languages.

→  Press Rooms. We handle news sections in corporate sites, do original stories, press releases, interviews and so on. Again, we work with multiple formats: HTML 5, RSS, app alerts, streaming video, push notifications, etc.

→  Social Media. We Community Managers and have handled more than +50 social media accounts in a variety of industries. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Redit, YouTube Channels, Tumblr, Vimeo and others.

Content Only

We sometimes provide outsourced content, delivered in any way conveniente to our clients. Our products are:

→  Journalistic. Anything offered in Blognalism except operation of website. ny genre, any format, multilingual on demand. Through our partner 305PR we can collocate news, press releases and stories in selected news big names. 

→  Marketing. We help in the art of selling with online marketing for engagement, leads, sales or any type of contact that translates into a positive impact. This is appealing, research-based content for competing in a market of products or ideas. We provide either Branded Content, informative messages borderline with journalistic narrative but oriented to promote a product, service or idea; or content for Marketing or Advertising Campaigns, we provide creative content for advertising and PR agencies.


 We do research and transfer knowledge and best practices to reports, analysis, remote or presencial activities. We offer:

Media Analysis and Strategy 

We are usually requested to evaluate plans for media ventures before they are developed. We do a throughout analysis of strengths and weakness, editorial situation, commercial perspectives, tech realities and every relevant aspect of project development. Our experience helps these ventures to tame risk, develop more services and gain profitability in a shorter term. 

For ongoing Media we consult on monetization, social media integration, audience engagement and SEO (an effective one among few).


We have trained large and small groups, in presencial way or remotely, in a variety of subjects: Journalistic Best Practices; Social Media Best Practices; Editorial Management; Blogging; Content Management Systems (especially WordPress®); Image Editing (especially with Adobe PhotoShop®).

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