Quality problem solving in short timespan

My name is Fernando NunezNoda. I am a journalist and consultant who works as a personal advisor and problem solver for top media executives, decision-makers and business leaders. I help them resolve short time span challenges. I live in Miami, Fl, but operate online (in person only if necessary), in English and Spanish, 100% confidential.


Market Analysis. I produce outlooks, scenarios, statistical analyzes, and provide insights of large or dissimilar volumes of data. I aggregate them and help to visualize the results.

Idea lab. I have worked as “one person idea lab”, again for short time span challenges. I receive problems and I return structured ideas, operational and tailor-made. I get excited if I’m asked to think outside the box and if not, I do it anyway presenting additional divergent options. I have also worked as a knowledge engineer with teams, generating strategies, products or services (especially digital).

Online Media Optimization. A lot more than SEO, I have worked with key aspects of websites, blogs, pressrooms, minisites, social media ecosystems, mobile apps. I can evaluate, design, redesign and make plans for major/ minor developments and marketing for online spaces.

Creativity. From a briefing / data I can develop creative proposals in any extent necessary. I rely heavily on research but I do creativity outside the box, exploring options that provide – at the same time – effectiveness and differentiation.

Research & Development. I can help in the investigation and creation process of products and services for a client. Sometimes an outside look helps. From conception to release, I ensure (assistance or execution of) coordination, knowledge engineering and suitability to the marketing strategy.

Television. I have been interested in many phenomena such as the millennial and Gen Z experiences (especially observing my children and their friends), multi-screen, simultaneity, divergence-convergence, asynchronism of time and conversation. If I am fed with raw data I can draw insights, feedback and recommendations from the conversation in social media or other forms of raw data.


  • Online (personally only by request).
  • 100% confidential, I can sign any non-disclosure and/or non-compete agreement.
  • Directly with client or delegated team.
  • By specific list of deliverables.
  • In English and/or Spanish. Other languages by request.
  • Pricing discussed directly with client.



  • To my email: fernando@nuneznoda.com
  • Or nuneznoda@3katslab.com
  • To my phone: +1-305-721-5477


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