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We help people to fulfill communication objectives. To show, explain, sell, entertain, convince, share or learn. Either we train people to do it or do it for them. Sometimes the work is shared. We connect with your team in specific tasks.

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An Inverted Pyramid

3Kats is not just a technology company. It is a digital communication ensemble that (mastering these technologies)  consolidates, optimizes and takes the most advantages from the internet along with its world of services and devices.

This inverted pyramid shows what our service priorities are:

a. The top is a purely communicational aspect, what the organization wants to be known for and how it wants this to be distributed. Its priorities. It includes any communicational area that can be organized, produced, distributed and/or evaluated digitally.

But communication comes first, then the tools and interfaces. And communication will be successful if it is based on an ad hoc strategy, made for the organization that executes it and with the necessary focus to be efficient with costs and resources. Simply put, the highest return with the least possible investment.

b. Communication management tools include the entire arsenal of hardware, software, and methodologies with which an organization or project receives, processes and sends messages to its various audiences and recipients. 3Kats idea is to perform seamlessly the tasks that, by complexity or workload, the organization prefers to delegate although training its people to optimize, normalize and make the most of those resources. We help them to be more “tech-savvy”, more team-oriented and more self-sufficient regarding digital content, messaging, social media, multimedia, etc.

c. The infrastructure (servers, routers, scanners, etc.) is important, but not the most important for teamwork. You already have timely technical service for maintenance and repairs. The human team must concentrate on the virtuous use of this infrastructure, no more is needed. If, for example, they choose that we host websites and applications, the infrastructure comes with the service and is, for practical purposes, transparent.